Meet the Top 10 Jeans Bloggers of June 2014

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Now that another month has wrapped up, it means listing down some of the best looks we’ve spotted in the past month. So what did June have in store for us? A myriad of inspiring outfits, of course!

These bloggers saturated us with inspiration, thanks to their fetching looks:

1. Giuliana from Peru


There are some people who wear jeans so well, they look like a walking jeans advertisement. Giuliana is one of them. She wore her pair of ripped skinny jeans to perfection. The jeans also have cute embroidery at the back!

2. Hortencia from New York


How cute is Hortencia’s polka-dotted pants? We bet it feels as comfortable as it looks. She wore it with a cropped top and a pair of sandals for easy and wearable summer style.

3. Iris from The Netherlands


Iris reminded us that it’s time to update our wardrobes and add a pair of wide-legged trousers. She wore it with a tiered chiffon top and it looked so perfect for a day out or even for vacations!

4. Sheree from New York


How many people can pull off wearing Dalmatian spots-printed pants? Not too many we reckon but one of them is Sheree. She styled her pair with a cropped top and sneakers for an effortless but stylish garb.

5. Q2HAN (Kyu Won/Kyu Jin) from Los Angeles

Q2Han copy


We are still confused as to whether she’s Kyu Jin or Kyu Won, they’re identical twins, you see, but one thing’s for sure: the styling duo did a great job designing this pair of shorts. The floral details mixed with the polka dotted print would make this such a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

6. Lina from Paris


Speaking of shorts, here’s another one we fancy. Lina wore a striped, high-waisted pair of shorts and we couldn’t stop ogling about it. The shorts exude a summer vibe but are still timeless enough to be an all-around essential.

7. Claire from Canada


Celebrities are big on drawstring pants these days and so are we. One way to style this trend is to wear it with simple and nondescript pieces such as what Claire wore in here. Her blue drawstring pants popped out amidst the neutral tones of her outfit.

8. Laura from Romania


What better time to dust off your white shorts than this season? The white-out trend is still strong and you can’t go wrong with it. Try something like Laura’s outfit. Her pair of shorts is a versatile piece one shouldn’t go without.

9. Tatiana from United States


A basic pair of high-waisted jeans, a pair of pumps and a white sleeveless top doesn’t sound too remarkable separately but when you put all these together, the result leaves quite an impact. Take a cue from Tatiana who looked polished but comfortable in this jeans look.

10. Blair from Michigan


Have you rocked a jumpsuit lately? You should. Just look at Blair’s effortless look and you’ll require no convincing.

What do you guys think of our June picks?

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