Where Does One Get Pizza Pants Like Beyonce’s?

It looks like Beyonce’s feeling the diet deprivation. Just two days into the 22-day vegan challenge she and husband Jay-Z are embarking on this December, she’d already been spotted covering her entire body with pizza!

Well, actually, she covered her entire body with pizza print — she may have the calorific food on her body, but she’s not ingesting it nor is she giving up on her vegan diet that easily. Isn’t it adorable that Beyonce resorted to fashion to bring her most-missed foods close to her? Beyonce never seemed the type to wear funky prints, but we all know how a strict diet can alter your mood and personality.

If we’re amused by Beyonce wearing a pizza outfit, the person who conceptualized it is positively ecstatic. Kiko Mizuhara, the designer behind the mouth-watering print, couldn’t retweet the picture below from @baddiebeystyle fast enough. In her Japanese caption, she said that she “may die” from being too happy that Beyonce wore the clothes she made. We’d feel the same way if we were in your shoes, Kiko!

Being a model herself, Kiko Mizuhara modeled her own designs from her Opening Ceremony capsule collection, including this top with the same pepperoni print as Beyonce’s pants:

Now, on to the question on everybody’s minds: where can you get pizza pants like Beyonce’s?

Aside from the Kiko Mizuhara for Opening Ceremony collection, we found the following pizza-slice-print leggings going for only $28 at Karmaloop. Wear them with the matching t-shirt and turban for that “pizza with everything on it” look!

pizza print outfitSee Your Monday “Perfect Slice” Top, $46 / See You Monday “Special Delivery” Leggings, $28 / See You Monday “Pizza Head” Turban, $15

If you want to do what Beyonce did and mix up the pizza prints, check out the following pepperoni-print tops. For Beyonce’s sake and for other vegans’ sake, we hope someone comes out with a cheese-less vegetable pizza print!

pepperoni print topsBeloved “Pizza” V-Neck Tee, $35 / Beloved “Pepperoni Pizza” Sweatshirt, $48.95 (before: $65)

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