Old School Spants for Comfy Summer Wear

Too short to be called pants, but too long to be called shorts. What are they? They are spants! Or at least that’s what Urban Dictionary calls them. I bet there are a dozen terminologies used for this fashion staple. I, for one, like to call them long shorts.

You know how annoying wearing short shorts can be. Sometimes, they ride up and bunch up between your thighs, and you have to awkwardly walk just to position them correctly. So, as much as I love short shorts, they just do nothing to maximize comfort on some days.

This is where long shorts come into the picture. They are definitely more comfortable to wear. Plus, you don’t have to confine the lower part of your legs. They also have an old school charm that perfectly fits easy dressing!

So, if you are a fan of spants as much as I am, check out our finds as follows:

1. A.L.C. Yorke Shorts, $716.80

ALC Yorke Shorts

2. Rag & Bone Dakar Leather Shorts, $796

Rag & Bone Dakar Leather Shorts

3. Alice + Olivia 5-Pocket Long Shorts, $198

Alice + Olivia 5 Pocket Long Shorts

4. Alexander Wang Leather Band Bermuda Shorts, $556.50

Alexander Wang Leather Band Bermuda Shorts

5. Halston Heritage Leather Shorts, $345

Halston Heritage Leather Shorts

6. Tibi Tatersol Pleated Shorts, $265

Tibi Tatersol Pleated Shorts

7. Vince Buckle Bermuda Shorts, $195

Vince Buckle Bermuda Shorts

Go old school with these pants. Wear them with a simple shirt, and drape pullover sleeves over your shoulders. Pair them with oxfords or tennis shoes, and you are great to go!

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