The World’s Most Expensive Pair of Jeans

I came across this interesting article on the most money ever paid for items a couple of days ago. The usual suspects like houses, cars, and jewelry are on the list, but you’d be surprised at the amount someone paid for for a pair of jeans!

Are you ready for this? In 2005, Randy Knight from the USA sold a pair of original Levi’s Strauss & Co. 501 jeans from the year 1890 to an anonymous collector from Japan. The price paid for the now 121-year-old jeans? A mind-blowing $60,000.

Buh-na-nas. That pretty much puts all of us denim lovers to shame.

Were those jeans made of gold?

I went looking for today’s most expensive and commercially available pair of jeans, and though these are only a tenth of the price of the 1890 Levi’s 501s, these are still quite insanely expensive.

These jeans are the Balmain sequin-striped mid-rise cropped jeans. Balmain is slowly starting to become known for their unreasonably expensive clothing, and these particular sequin-striped cropped jeans are going for a staggering $6,005.00 at Net-A-Porter. No diamond studs, no crystal studs, and no silver foil either — those are just plain ol’ sequins on the stripes of the jeans.

Would you say these Balmain jeans are worth it or a waste?

In the meantime, Levi’s still makes their classic 501 jeans. And although they’re not all aged over 100 years, they are, thankfully, available at affordable prices between $30.00 and $60.00. You can shop for a wide range of Levi’s 501s — and own a piece of denim history! — at all-encompassing stores like Amazon and Zappos.

Credit: Design Friendship

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