5 Best Leather Paneled Jeans for Women to Lust After

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The liquid leather look was once found strictly in the leggings territory, but now, it has poured over to denim jeans.

About time it did really because although we love the sleek, sexy, and liquid-y look, we’re just not quite willing to trade in the comfort and “holding in” ability of jeans for the thin, flimsy, and sometimes even skimpy fabric of leggings.

And while the trend started with leggings made entirely of leather, a combined leather-and-denim-paneled look is the popular style in jeans. We think that’s only all the more reason to love this trend on denim because depending on how it’s paneled, a pair of leather-and-denim jeans can transform its look from biker chic to equestrian-inspired to even a little Western-flavored.

Get the best of both leather and denim with these five leather-paneled jeans to lust after. Pair them with fur-trimmed shoes that are also hot this fall/winter season for that cool yet completely warm look!

A quick styling trick: get a pair with leather-paneled or coated legs, such as the J Brand jeans, and tuck them into leather booties. That’ll make you look like you’re wearing thigh-high boots and make your legs look like they go on for days.

1. J Brand half-coated high-rise jeans, $185.00

J Brand half-coated high-rise jeans

2. Nightcap Clothing equestrian jeggings, $196.00

Nightcap Clothing equestrian jeggings

3. Rag & Bone The Jodhpur legging jeans, $298.00

Rag & Bone The Jodhpur legging jeans

4. Siwy Mick leather skinny jeans, $372.00

Siwy Mick leather skinny jeans

5. R13 skinny chap jeans, $695.00

R13 skinny chap jeans

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