You Can Now Get Denim Jeans at JustFabulous!

Your Next Shoes, our sister site, is always raving about JustFabulous, especially at the start of each month when the store releases its personalized selections of shoes, handbags, jewelries, and eyewear items.

We always felt a little left out because we’re not a blog about any of those things, but now that’s about to change with JustFabulous’ introduction of their new denim collection!

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let me first write a short intro on what JustFabulous is. JustFabulous, or JustFab for short, is a site where a team of professional celebrity stylists, magazine editors, and fashion industry insiders put together a monthly handpicked selection of shoes, handbags, jewelries, and sunglasses just for you. These choices are made based on your own preferences determined by your answers to their fashion personality quiz.

You take the quiz when you sign up, but don’t worry, signing up is quick, easy, and free. After you’ve signed up, you immediately get your first personalized selection and instantly gain access to the services of the site’s style experts.

Oh, and did I mention that the shoes and accessories at JustFabulous are ALL priced at just $39.95?

The flat pricing is arguably JustFab’s main crowd drawer, but once you see some of the stuff being offered, you’ll realize that it’s not just the price that’s drawing people in.

JustFab’s new denim jeans, for instance, are well-styled, beautifully photographed, and very on-trend that it’s almost hard to believe that they only cost $39.95.

Check out these four jeans styles in JustFabulous’s debut denim collection — “A-list quality jeans without the designer price tag.” These pictures are from their Lookbook, which you can check out in full at JustFabulous.

The JustFabulous Debut Denim Collection: Basic Boot, Super Straight, Fabulous Flare, and Slender Cigarette

JustFabulous Fabulous Flare in Dark, Basic Boot in Light, and Fabulous Flare in Medium Dark

JustFabulous Slender Cigarette in Medium Dark

Just Fabulous Fabulous Flare in Dark

JustFabulous Slender Cigarette in Black, Fabulous Flare in Dark, and Basic Boot in Vintage

We’re looking forward to seeing reviews on JustFabulous’ new jeans. But at just $39.95 per pair, we can just try it out for ourselves, right? There’s also a “3 pairs for $99” deal as part of the store’s introductory offer.

Check out the complete denim collection (and sign up if you haven’t already!) at JustFabulous.

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