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We’re starting a “Five Questions” series here on Your Next Jeans and in our next work of Your Next blogs where we will be featuring and interviewing successful fashion bloggers. This is so that you can get up close and personal with them and their fabulous styles.

Also, if you’re looking for fashion inspiration, these talented and chic gals would be the way to go. Their fashion styles are awesome — trendy, chic, and very versatile!

We’re kicking off this month of December with our very first fashion blogger interviewee, Bobo of BoboStephanie. We found Bobo through her entry submission to Denimology’s “Denim Outfit of the Week.”

Bobo wowed us with this chic and sexy ensemble with cuffed denim shorts, an outfit that eventually won in that contest. How totally copy-worthy is this outfit? It makes us want to hit the stores for printed black sheer tights!

Bobo's sexy ensemble with cuffed denim shortsBobo’s sexy ensemble with cuffed denim shorts

After admiring this denim outfit, we naturally headed over to Bobo’s blog where we instantly got hooked. Bobo’s candid style of writing coupled with her travel/food posts and her cute East-meets-West fashion sense had us browsing her blog for hours and hours.

Bobo is a 26-year-old social media executive who lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Read on to find out what Bobo’s blog is all about, the denim trend she’s crazy about, and the next denim item she’d like to have next.

1. Please tell us a little about your blog and its focus.

My blog is basically a place for me to share my experiences and my passion for fashion. The content is a mix of fashion, lifestyle, and travel.

Bobo in her Topshop cropped denim vestBobo in her Topshop cropped denim vest

2. What is your current denim obsession?

I’m currently very obsessed with colored denim jeans. Colors add another dimension to the classic denim and are more fun!

Bobo in pink colored jeansBobo in pink colored jeans

3. What denim piece are you hoping to buy next?

A denim boyfriend shirt.

Bobo's pink OctoberBobo’s pink October

4. What are the fashion differences between the US and Malaysia? How has living in both of these countries influenced your style?

(Bobo sometimes refers to her college years in the US in her blog, hence this question.)

I studied abroad in the US for three years, and during my stay there I realized that the fashion style in the US is all about keeping it simple and elegant. As for Malaysia, our style here is more or less influenced by Japanese styles.

It’s all about colors and patterns. I can say that right now my style is a sort of fusion between both countries, simple with a touch of playful color.

Bobo's denim skirt on the balconyBobo’s denim skirt on the balcony

5. What’s the best thing that blogging has brought you since you started?

I’m able to share all my experiences and what I like about fashion with my readers and friends.

Bobo in cute denim cutoffsBobo in cute denim cutoffs

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