Debatable Denim: Cheap Monday Tight Cutout Jeans

I love that Cheap Monday clothing is priced relatively and distinctively low for a quality premium denim brand, but is it ever worth paying $85.00 or even its sale price of $42.50 for these? The Tight Cutout Jeans from Cheap Monday:

Cheap Monday Tight Cutout Jeans

I know that tattered, shredded, and destroyed jeans are a hot trend in denim now, but aren’t they supposed to look natural at least? The holes on these look like I could make them myself and that’s not saying much because I can’t even cut a nicely shaped heart out of a folded piece of paper.

Also, are those jeans high-waisted? I read somewhere that Cheap Monday really makes its jeans to sit somewhat high on the waist, but the shape on these particular jeans looks like they would only flatter the skinny of the skinnies.

Here are a couple more close-up shots of these Cheap Monday jeans:

What I think could’ve saved these is an overall distressing effect on the jeans. Some parts, like the back, look too neat, and even the tag looks too brand new. This kind of style on jeans needs to be comfy and look worn in. For an $85.00 or even for a $42.50 price tag, Cheap Monday could afford to run these jeans through a few more factory washes and make them look a bit better.

The Cheap Monday Tight Cutout Jeans — yay or nay?

Available in sizes 26 to 30 at Shopbop.

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