Girls Showing Calvin Klein Underwear With Jeans Is Trendy Again

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Are our calendars wrong or are the ’90s really back? We’re asking because it seems like flashing your Calvin Klein underwear over the top of your jeans a la Marky Mark is a hot fashion trend once again, and the who’s who among celebrities are jumping on it left and right.

We could say that Kendall Jenner is the no. 1 promoter of this pants-down trend. She temporarily shut down the entire Instagram website when she posted a half-naked photo of herself in matching Calvin Klein sports bra and underwear showing over the waistband of very low-slung jeans.

“Morning! just going to hang out in #MyCalvins alllll day! … thank you @calvinklein for my little gifts,” Kendall captioned her photo. It then proceeded to receive nearly a million likes.

Kendall Jenner's Instagram picture of herself in Calvin Klein underwear and pulled-down jeansKendall Jenner’s Instagram picture of herself in Calvin Klein underwear and pulled-down jeans posted on March 15, 2014

After Kendall’s Instagram snap went viral, we couldn’t help but see Calvin Klein underwear waistbands everywhere. We spotted it next on another young Hollywood hottie, Vanessa Hudgens.

The paparazzi were the ones who caught Vanessa giving a peek of her CK underwear over oddly bunchy denim shorts, but Nessa did flaunt them herself on Instagram later on.

Vanessa Hudgens showing off the waistband of her Calvin Klein underwearVanessa Hudgens showing off the waistband of her Calvin Klein underwear in an Instagram picture of herself posted on March 18, 2014

Did this sudden surge in skivvies-showing catch you by surprise? Don’t worry, it’s not a fluke in the fashion cycle; it’s a social media advertising campaign.

Iggy Azalea's selfie in Calvin Klein underwearIggy Azalea’s selfie in Calvin Klein underwear, which she posted on February 28, 2014

Calvin Klein has asked people to post semi-nude pictures of themselves in CK underwear, and in return, they get free CK gear.

Miranda Kerr doing her Calvin Klein underwear poseMiranda Kerr doing her Calvin Klein underwear pose in an Instagram pic she posted on February 18, 2014

Those who have responded so far include bloggers, models, and other celebrities like Iggy Azalea, Miranda Kerr, and Poppy Delevingne.

Poppy Delevingne's Instagram contribution to the #mycalvins social media campaignPoppy Delevingne’s Instagram contribution to the #mycalvins social media campaign, which she posted on February 25, 2014

Okay, so it may be just a marketing ploy, but how it’s fast gaining popularity just might make the ’90s CK-underwear-flashing fad a true-blue fashion trend. Are you up for it? If you are, better ready your low-waist jeans!

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Credit: Kendall Jenner's Instagram, Vanessa Hudgens' Instagram, Iggy Azalea's Instagram
Miranda Kerr's Instagram, Poppy Delevingne's Instagram

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