Meet the Top 10 Pants Bloggers of February 2013

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Wearing pants is as commonplace as donning underwear. But the bloggers we’re featuring today prove that even the basic pants can amplify your style and make you a girl to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. We can’t help but fall in love not only with their choices of pants but also with how they assembled their coordinates and chosen accessories as well as punctuated their look with the right do.

1. Nicoletta Reggio from Italy

Nicoletta Reggio1

What do you wear when attending Milan Fashion Week? Why not something like the pants suit Nicoletta Reggio from Scent of Obsession wore?

It’s not your average pants suit. It boasts of abstract prints of various colors that make a wonderful statement for an event like fashion week. Among all the fashion mavens who attended, I bet Nicoletta stood out.

2. Hallie from Los Angeles


There’s a reason why Hallie gets featured in various fashion sites and magazines. She is so endlessly stylish. She makes even a pair of ripped jeans look so cool paired with a camera-printed top and a comfy-looking cardigan draped over her shoulder.

And in true Hallie style, she accessorized with retro-inspired shades and a headband. You’d be crazy not to love this pants look!

3. Alba from Spain


This pants look is proof that you don’t have to be decked in a girly ensemble to be considered chic. Alba from Monday to Friday kept up with the casual flair of her distressed jeans and paired them up with a comic-printed pullover. I don’t know which one I love more, her top or her jeans. How’s this for an effortlessly chic look?

4. Misia from Warsaw


Misia from Chinchilla is so stylish, it’s so hard to remember she is only 16. When I was 16, my idea of style is a no-nonsense shirt and jeans that go with unkempt hair.

I could definitely take a page from Misia’s style book, especially this pants outfit. The colors just popped out from her snowy white background. The high-rise pants fit her so perfectly. I’ve seen so many takes on menswear fashion, but this is one of the cutest.

5. Flávia from Brazil


Not quite leggings but not exactly pants. The look of Flávia from Fashion Coolture keeps us guessing. But one thing is certain, that’s one heck of a rad fashion invention — I mean, metallic details? Just how edgy can it get?

The whole look is a stunner. Paired with a distressed sheer top and that attention-grabbing spiked bag and platform shoes, you can’t fault this look.

6. Willabelle from Australia


Willabelle will always look cool in my eyes. Not only can she nonchalantly inject a dip-dye pair of pants in her ensemble but also rock a coat in the middle of Australian summer. Talk about breaking the rules! No wonder followers flock to her blog, Pale Division, like bees to honey.

7. Toshiko from California


Your eyes are not failing you. Toshiko from It’s Not Her It’s Me really is rocking three striped items in one look! She’s a brave lady for stretching the fashion limits. Surprisingly, this works. I wouldn’t have imagined wearing the same print three times in one outfit. You got to admire Toshiko’s ingenuity.

8. Kier from California


I don’t blame Kier for not being able to resist these pants. They’re holographic pants! I had no inkling someone’s manufacturing these already. Can you imagine how gorgeous these pants will look when the sun’s rays hit it? Ogle at it more in her blog, Fashion Addict.

9. Jessica from Switzerland


I really love a pants style that screams stylish but looks wonderfully comfy. Here’s an example: Jessica from Jessica Christ Photography wearing a pink printed pullover and geometric-printed leggings. This is the kind of leggings that you would pull out of your closet time and again to wear with various ensembles.

10. Marie from Los Angeles


Who loves the ’70s? Well, here is a look that will have you channeling the ’70s vibe in no time. Marie from The Maven Post’s bell-bottom pants is oozing with individuality and texture. If you are all about making a statement, this is a winning look.

That’s about it for our featured February bloggers. Hope you guys loved these looks as much as we did.

Stay tuned for next month’s featured bloggers post. Who knows? You could be the next one!

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