Worst Dressed at the 2013 People StyleWatch Denim Party

If there are best dressed at the 2013 People StyleWatch denim party, unfortunately, there are bound to be the worst dressed, too. While no one really showed up in an unforgivably horrible outfit, there were a few whose styling was a bit off. One just got a little too casual, another got a little too formal, while another got a little bit too comfortable, like she was at home in her bedroom. We still love the denim pieces by themselves, though. Look through our list of least favorite looks at the 2013 People StyleWatch denim party, and tell us if there’s anyone you’d save and switch over to the best-dressed list.

Maria Menounos in a for-the-Oscars beehive hairdo

When an event is called a “denim party,” we take it that it’s an occasion where you can just be cute in your casuals. Maria Menounos seemed to have understood differently, though, and sported a very formal-looking jeweled cape top, velvet flared jeans, and an odd beehive hairdo that look more appropriate for a red carpet awards show.

Maria Menounos 2013 People StyleWatch Denim Party

Joy Bryant in a not-quite-bohemian look

We see that Joy Bryant was going for a bohemian vibe. While we dig the bead necklace, the fringe bag, and even the fisherman-pants-style jeans, the stiffly tailored orchestra conductor blazer threw everything off.

Joy Bryant 2013 People StyleWatch Denim Party

Jennette McCurdy’s too-bulky getup with a peplum top and patched jeans

There isn’t anything inherently wrong with Jennette McCurdy‘s outfit, but we feel like the distressed jeans coupled with the studded leather wedge sneakers are too bulky for her top, which already has enough volume from the peplum.

Jennette McCurdy 2013 People StyleWatch Denim Party

Astrid McGuire in an over-the-top sexy see-through shirt

Sheer can be done tastefully, and this is not one of those times. The culprit is the lace that’s peeking out from the top of Astrid McGuire‘s shirt. Isn’t that shirt see-through enough?

Astrid McGuire 2013 People StyleWatch Denim Party

Vanessa Marano in a heavy leather-jacket-and-boots combo

A leather jacket, tall platform boots, thick eyebrows, and dark eyeshadow? Vanessa Marano just got a little too heavy-handed with her look.

Vanessa Marano 2013 People StyleWatch Denim Party

Emile Hirsch in an oddly proportioned outfit

This is what we mean by Mehcad Brooks getting the proportions right. Emile Hirsch here is wearing an unoffensive v-neck t-shirt, a leather jacket, jeans, and sneakers, but the bad fit and the way they’re all combined make him look short and stocky.

Emile Hirsch 2013 People StyleWatch Denim Party

Clifton Collins Jr. in way-too-casual double denim

It’s one thing to look casual; it’s another thing to look like you just rolled out of bed.

Clifton Collins Jr 2013 People StyleWatch Denim Party

Credit: Brian To/WENN

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