How to Wear Jeans When You are Pregnant – 3 Smart Tricks from Drew Barrymore

Moms can attest to the fact that once you become heavy with child, your whole mindset towards dressing changes. In fact, overhauling your entire wardrobe is inevitable.

But the trickiest part is most likely during the 9 months you are carrying your precious cargo. We figured would-be moms out there can use some more styling inspirations and tricks so we picked up three infallible jeans solutions from the very pregnant Drew Barrymore.

Drew Barrymore1

Drew Barrymore2Safe Kids Day 2014 event held at The Lot – Arrivals in Hollywood on March 5, 2014

The 39-year old actress is now close to popping out her second child but she still attended a relevant event with another mom-to-be, Ciara. While Ciara stayed safe in a loose white shirtdress, Drew played it up with a pair of jeans.

Finding the right pair of jeans is hard but finding the perfect one when you are pregnant is even harder.

Trick 1: Choose a brand of jeans that really tailor-fits their clothes to pregnant women

Drew Barrymore is wearing the J Brand Momma J Maternity Leggings here. This brand is popular for their assortment of jeans. They also specialize in creating maternity leggings-style jeans that promise comfort and an expansive waist fit. J Brand jeans also boast of adjustable elastic panels so you can wear them as you progress into your pregnancy.

Trick 2: The actress opted for dark-colored jeans

Rather than light wash or faded jeans, one-tone, non-bleached jeans would work better because of their slimming effect.

Trick 3: Go for long jeans, not the cropped ones

The cropped ones can make your legs look stunted. With your added tummy weight, the effect can be unflattering. Choose those with hem that sits right below your ankles for a lengthening silhouette.

If J Brand is good enough for Drew Barrymore, it should be good enough for you guys too. Try investing in these pieces:

1. J Brand Mama J Super Skinny Maternity Jeans, $211.00

J Brand Mama J Super Skinny Maternity Jeans

2. J Brand 3401 Maternity Legging Jeans, $207.80

J Brand 3401 Maternity Legging Jeans

3. J Brand Mama J Maternity Legging Jeans, $234.44

J Brand Mama J Maternity Legging Jeans

4. J Brand 34112 Mama J Rail Maternity Jeans, $256.24

J Brand 34112 Mama J Rail Maternity Jeans

It’s easier to dress up if you have these trusty pairs of jeans in tow, don’t you agree?

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