Vanessa Hudgens Shocks with Her Drastic “Gimme Shelter” Makeover

So, that’s where Vanessa Hudgens has been hiding all this time.

After months of not seeing her usual paparazzi shots, these pictures of Vanessa on the set of her latest movie Gimme Shelter suddenly filled the feeds of all the celebrity gossip sites:

To say that these photos are shocking is an understatement. If it weren’t for the tags, I wouldn’t be convinced that these are pictures of Vanessa Hudgens. She looks so tough and feisty, which is so different from the stylish and pretty Vanessa that we typically see!

But we did get to see a glimpse of the Vanessa Hudgens that we know in these pictures taken of her while taking a break from filmingWell, that’s a bit more how we know and like our BBV. In these pics, Vanessa Hudgens is sporting a new pair of flared jeans to add to her growing collection!

You might be able to tell from the stitching on the back pocket that these jeans are Paige Premium Denim, particularly the Paige Denim Bell Canyon skinny flare jeans:

Paige Denim Bell Canyon Skinny Flare Jeans, $189.00

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