When Ripped Jeans Go Overboard: 16 Overly Holey Jeans

In wearing ripped jeans, there’s a fine line between looking relaxed casual and looking like you just got mauled by a bear. These 16 overly holey jeans just crossed that line. Scroll through for celebrities wearing jeans where the destroying, ripping, and shredding went overboard.

1. Kim Kardashian’s Levi’s jeans with holes so big, they might as well have been shorts

The Kardashian sisters are no strangers to ripped jeans, and Kim showed that she’s the most comfortable in them with these should’ve-been-shorts holey jeans.

Kim Kardashian heading to a local Starbucks in Calabasas, California, on April 21, 2014

2. Khloe Kardashian’s white version of Kim Kardashian’s jeans

Not to be outdone, Khloe Kardashian stepped out barely two months later in the white version of sister Kim’s jeans.

Khloe Kardashian grabbing lunch at Pierre’s in New York City on June 11, 2014

3. Kendall Jenner’s ripped jeans with gaping thigh holes

Like we said, these sisters are extremely comfortable in all manners of ripped jeans.

Kendall Jenner ripped jeansKendall Jenner attending the grand opening of the Last Kings Flagship Store in Los Angeles on February 20, 2014

4. Miley Cyrus’ sequined denim-on-denim mess of a stage outfit

It’s ripped and sequined double denim. See Miley Cyrus’ entire hot mess of a stage outfit here.

Miley Cyrus Ashish ripped jeansA look from the Ashish spring 2014 runway worn by Miley Cyrus for her “MTV Unplugged” concert with Madonne filmed at Sunset Gower Studios in Los Angeles, California, and aired on January 29, 2014

5. Ashish’s extra-breezy spring 2014 ripped jeans with sequins

The Ashish spring 2014 collection is the primordial fashion soup of the sequined ripped denim outfits favored by the likes of Miley Cyrus.

Ashish spring 2014 ripped jeansLooks with ripped jeans in the Ashish spring 2014 fashion presentation held during London Fashion Week in London, England, on September 14, 2013

6. Brandy Norwood’s ripped jeans that let her thighs say “hi”

Brandy in this outfit was business from the waist up and party from the waist down.

Brandy Norwood at the Westfield mall in Century City, California on November 16, 2008

7. Cassie’s chomped-on holey jeans

It’s actually very appropriate that Cassie wore these ripped jeans that look like they were chomped on to an event where she was set to hand out ice cream sandwiches.

Cassie ripped jeansCassie Ventura getting ready to hand out ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus ice cream cart in Manhattan, New York, on April 23, 2012

8. Jessie J’s very non-restricting concert performance jeans

If Jessie J wanted a stage outfit that she could freely move around in, she got it in these extremely ripped jeans.

Jessie J ripped jeans@cjlockers‘ and @ellisfoley‘s Instagram pics of Jessie J performing at the 2012 Isle of Wight Festival
at Seaclose Park in Newport, Isle of Wight, on June 23, 2012 — posted June 25-26, 2012

9. Rita Ora’s destroyed-to-death jeans that she can’t say R.I.P. to

Was Rita Ora feeling hot or cold in her furry sweater and ripped jeans outfit? We may never know!

Rita Ora ripped jeansRita Ora arriving at Global Radio in London, England, on March 28, 2014

10. Eliza Doolittle’s a-little-bit-too-loved jeans

To be fair to Eliza Doolittle, she has had these jeans for quite some time now and the holes just got bigger and bigger.

Eliza Doolittle ripped jeansEliza Doolittle heading to the BBC Radio One studios in London, England, on September 16, 2013

11. Eliza Doolittle’s square-cut jeans

It’s Eliza Doolittle again and this time, she didn’t even bother making the rips in the square cutouts at the knees of her jeans look natural.

Eliza Doolittle cutout jeansEliza Doolittle at the launch of the new digital Argos store on Tottenham Court Road in London on July 27, 2014

12. Tamera Foster’s black jeans that are the bee’s knees

It’s like Tamera Foster’s left knee busted out of her tight, black skinny jeans.

Tamera Foster ripped jeansTamera Foster at the Now & Solait VIP Beach Party at Kanaloa in London, England, on June 17, 2014

13. Taylor Momsen’s jeans that look like they’ve been put through a shredder

Taylor Momsen’s not goth-punk yet here, but you could already see the beginnings of it in her heavy eyeliner and shredded jeans.

Taylor Momsen ripped jeansTaylor Momsen at Z-100’s Zootopia 2009 concert at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on May 16, 2009

14. Erin Wasson’s slashed gray jeans

These jeans may or may not have been slashed by Wolverine.

Erin Wasson ripped jeansErin Wasson at the Christopher Bailey and Mario Testino Burberry Beverly Hills Store Re-Opening in Beverly Hills, California, on October 20, 2008

15. Hilary Duff’s distressed jeans with large patches missing

At least Hilary had the sense to pair it with an equally holey sweater.

Hilary Duff holey jeansHilary Duff with son Luca at a park in Los Angeles on November 23, 2014

16. Gigi Hadid’s hobo-meets-high-end look with overly ripped jeans

Gigi Hadid takes mixing-and-matching to whole new levels in pairing super-ripped One Teaspoon jeans with a prim blouse, a tailored coat, and stiletto heels.

Gigi Hadid ripped jeansGigi Hadid at the Chanel haute couture spring/summer 2016 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France, on January 26, 2016

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