Denim Shorts on Acid: Runwaydreamz Denim Shorts

At first glance, I thought the graphic artist for Singer22 played around with the colors of the denim shorts shown in this image:

Runwaydreamz Denim Shorts

It took a few more seconds of staring until I realized that those ARE the real and actual colors of the denim shorts!

These shorts are so brightly colored and richly saturated that one way to accurately describe them to someone who has no idea what they look like are “denim shorts on acid.” You could also mean that quite literally because some of these shorts do look like they have, in fact, been washed and soaked in acid.

Oh, and just so you know, these shorts are also high-waisted and high-cut to boot. These are definitely NOT your casual, just-throw-them-on-and-forget-about-them denim shorts anymore.

Conceived by Miami-based designer┬áChristian Yasser Massuh, these colorful, tie-dyed, embellished, distressed, and altered-from-vintage-denim shorts put Christian on the fashion map when they became his bestselling hit on eBay. Fashionistas, stylists, buyers, and other fashion insiders soon followed suit, and you can now find Christian’s Runwaydreamz denim shorts at huge online retailers such as Singer22.

Runwaydreamz Vintage Pink/Purple Studded Short, $154.00

Runwaydreamz Vintage American Flag Short, $159.00

Runwaydreamz Handmade Vintage Hip Pocket Studded Denim Short, $138.00

Runwaydreamz 588 Vintage Black Studded Short, $165.00

Runwaydreamz Vintage Denim Cut Off Short, $185.00

Runwaydreamz Vintage Denim Cut Off Short, $185.00

Runwaydreamz Vintage Frayed Short in Orange Tie Dye, $185.00

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