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5 Memorial Day Weekend Outfits to Wear on Your Vacation

While Memorial Day serves to honor the fallen soldiers who have given their lives for their country, families and friends from all across the States also can’t help but take advantage of the impending weekend for some quality R&R. While some groups prefer to hit the beach, some prefer to stay dry in amusement parks […]

“Teen Wolf” Star Holland Roden in Elena Reva Watercolor Pants

A stellar career is not the only thing Holland Roden has under her belt. She also seems to have a keen eye for style, as evident in her fresh, current, and youthful red carpet ensembles. While the premiere of ‘Vampire Academy’ was saturated with young Hollywood stars clad in dresses (many of which are gorgeous, by […]

A Guide for Men on How to Wear Skinny Jeans

Over the past few years, men’s fashion has seen quite a few trends that have inspired debates among the public. The most controversial topic I have come across as of late (and I have had many discussions on this) has been the use of skinny jeans. Is there a place for skinny jeans in a […]

Rihanna Does Double Denim — in a Bikini!

Now, this is the double denim outfit (DDO) to top all DDOs we’ve featured so far. Amazingly, Rihanna achieves that feat with so little — that is, by wearing a denim bikini! Rihanna flaunted her trimmed, toned, and tanned figure in these summery shots she posted on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, which (for those […]

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