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Gwen Stefani Wears the Coolest Pair of Printed Jeans Just to Get a Manicure

What is up with celebrities dressing up even for a trip to get their nails done nowadays? Last time, it was Julianne Hough, who looked pretty in her pink jeans and peep-toe pumps. Today, it’s Gwen Stefani looking absolutely fly in a black sleeveless tee, Givenchy cage booties, and the coolest pair of printed jeans. (Of course, a lot of the jeans’ cool factor comes from the fact that it was Gwen Stefani wearing them.)

Gwen Stefani Beverly Hills nail salonGwen Stefani heading to a nail salon in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California, on July 12, 2013

Check out those slimming stripes going down the sides. The print goes all the way around the back of the leg calf, too. And even though these jeans have large rectangular panels, they don’t have that dreaded widening effect because the prints are ingeniously placed along the inside of the legs. Clearly, whoever came up with the idea for the print on these jeans really thought the design through.

Gwen Stefani Beverly Hills nail salon 1Gwen Stefani getting her nails done at a nail salon in Beverly Hills, California, on July 12, 2013

Gwen Stefani can make anything look cool, but these Paige Denim “Verdugo” jeans in St. Petersburg are really amazing and look good even when they’re just laid out like this:

Paige Denim Verdugo Jeans St PetersburgPaige Denim “Verdugo” Jeans in St. Petersburg, €189.97 (before: €379.95)

These highly popular, exclusive-to-Selfridges jeans are very hard to find now, but a few sizes are still up for sale at RAAK Amsterdam. You have to coordinate with them for international shipping arrangements, but for these amazing jeans, it’s worth the trouble.

Our digging around also led us to select sizes of the Madame print, which is also on sale right now! Check out all colors of these Paige Denim scarf-print jeans side by side in our previous post.

Credit: Owen Beiny/WENN
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